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Maxsun Industries Incorporated was established in 2002,Website:, is a leading importer and distributor of nutritional raw materials.Maxsun is dedicated to continuously improvement, reliable testing and reliable quality assurance. Maxsun is contracted with 9 organic growers to bring you the best organic raw materials.In 2014, Maxsun?s organic production lines were certified by the USDA Organic.There are over 50 kinds of organic products, including organic grasses, organic herbs and organic algea. Quality and customers are number one priority to Maxsun, we will strive to offer high quality products to customers.
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Organic Alfalfa Grass Powder Organic alfalfa powder Organic Barley Grass Powder Organic barley powder Organic Chlorella Organic chlorella powder Organic Spirulina Organic spirulina powder Organic Pea Protein Organic pea protein powder Organic Rice Protein Organic rice protein powder Organic pumpkin seed protein powder Organic pumpkin protein powder Organic Wheat Grass Powder Acai Fruit Juice Powder acai berry powder Beet Root Fruit Juice Powder beetroot juice beet juice powder Bilberry Fruit Juice Powder bilberry powder Blueberry Fruit Juice Powder blueberry powder Cranberry Fruit Juice Powder cranberry juice powder Red Raspberry Fruit Juice Powder raspberry powder Boswellia Serrata 65 boswellia serrata powder boswellia serrata extract powder green tea extract turmeric powder Turmeric Powder 95 Agmatine Sulfate agmatine sulfate powder IBCAA ibcaa powder L-Arginine Series l arginine powder L-Citrulline Series l citrulline powder L-Glutamine l glutamine powder Alpha GPC 50% alpha gpc powder Phenibut Aloe Vera aloe vera powder Collagen collagen powder Hyaluronic Acid hyaluronic acid powder Luo Han Guo luo han guo extract luo han guo sweetener Stevia stevia sweetener stevia extract
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